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Danish paper cord is the material used to weave typical seats and backs found in many Danish, Scandinavian, and Mid Century Modern furniture designs. It is a very strong 3-ply fibre / fiber product and the weaving typically incorporates wrapping or rushing style weaving. It gained popularity starting after World War II in Denmark and other European countries. It is generally only seen on high end, quality made furnishings.
Mollar Danish Cord Chair

Danish Cord

These very Classic Danish or Scandinavian chairs had seats woven out of a 3-ply heavy twisted paper cord called Danish Cord.  The basic Danish Cord seat often found on Møller and Wegner seats. 

The weaving is one sided and only wraps around a single rung on all sides. From the underside you will see the cord is attached by specialty hook nails. 

Double Danish Cord has an extra step in the weaving process where the weaving wraps around two rungs 

Danish Cord Woven Chair
Rush Pattern Chair Woven with Danish Cord

Some chairs are woven in the rush pattern using Danish cord material.  Rushing pattern Danish Cord
mimics traditional rushing with the Danish Cord material. Often these chairs have extensive slots that the Danish Cord must be fed through which makes weaving these seats more labour intensive.
Danish Cord Woven Chair