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Expert Hand Cane, Pre-woven Cane, Rattan, Danish Cord, Fibre Rush, Seagrass and Shaker Tape Woven Chair Repair Across Canada by Caning Calgary Since 1986

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Quality workmanship.   

At a fair price.

In a timely manner.

Because that's what I do. 

Good old fashioned client service with a skip in my step and a smile on my face. 

Hand Caned Curved Back Pegged Chair

Curved Back Hand Cane Pegged Chair 

Laurie Blake Hand Caning an Antique Chair

Laurie Blake Hand Caning a Chair

Blind Cane 1700th Century Settee

1700 Century Blind / French Caned Settee

Pre-Woven Dining Room Chair Back

Pre-woven Cane Back Chair

Hand Cane Rocking Chair

Hand Cane Rocking Chair

Rush Pattern Ladder Back Chair Woven with Danish Cord

Fibre Rush Woven Chair

Seagrass Foot Stool

Seagrass Stool

Antique Hand Caned Rocking Chair

Antique Hand Cane Rocking Chair

Caning Calgary 

Offering Expert Woven Chair Repair Across Canada Since 1986

Hand Cane and Pre-Woven Cane Woven Chair Repairs 

Cane (Rattan) - Hand Cane, Pre-Woven Cane, Sheet Cane, Pressed-in Cane, 

Blind Cane, French Cane, 

Double Sided Cane, Hanging Medallions, Rising Sun Hane Cane Pattern, Sunrise Hand Cane Pattern 

Danish Cord

Danish Cord, Møller, Wegner, Mid-Century and Teak Woven Chair Repairs

Fibre / Fiber Rush


Shaker Tape

See shipping page for details on how to package your chair seats and backs for repair

Hand Cane, Double Sided Cane, French Cane, Blind Cane Settee

Hand Cane, Blind Cane Antique Settee with Double Cane Arms

Antique Victorian Hand Caned Chair

Hand Cane Chair with Double Sided Cane Arms

Laurie Blake Binding Hand Caned Chair

Laurie Blake Binding Hand Cane Chair

Brown Shaker Tape Rocker

Brown Shaker Tape Rocking Chair

Hand Caned Hanging Medallion Chair

Hand Cane Chair with Hanging Medallion

Black Shaker Tape Rocking Chair

Black Shaker Tape Rocking Chair

Hand Caned Chair Seat

Finishing Hand Cane Chair

Hans Moller Danish Cord Chair

Danish Cord Chair

Sheet Caned Dining Room Chair

Pressed in Cane Back Chair

High Back Chair with Sheet Cane Panel

High Back Cane Chair with Pre-Woven Cane

Hi Laurie,
Just got your voicemail, that's awesome that you were able to get the
chair done! My brother will be driving out tomorrow from Calgary, and I was hoping
he could pick up the chair.
Thanks again, you've saved me! 

James borrowed his mother's chairs the weekend before Thanksgiving and someone went through one of them. James' mother was having all the family over for Thanksgiving weekend. No problem James; my pleasure we need to stay on our mom's good side.  

Just last night, Laurie, we were discussing a trip to /through Calgary.  We had some renovation work done last week and family visiting this week.  So, we’ll be planning something soon.  Certainly, we will let you know our plan as soon as we have an itinerary.  Thanks for the quick turn-around – and the reasonable price.


Hi Laurie,

Thanks again for the excellent repairs of my three chairs last  weekend. They look great and I will bring one more so four of them will match.

And I really appreciate your immediate repairs so I did not have to make another trip to Calgary to pick them up.


Hi Laurie,

I’ve been meaning to email you. Last week I unpacked and reinstalled the seats on all five chairs. They look and feel great. It is great to have our chairs back and like new again. Thank you for redoing the first chair – I think having the same size cane around the outside looks better.

I trust you received your payment from Canada Post in a timely manner.

All the best of the season!


Hi Laurie – I stopped in at Davidson’s on Monday and the caning on the chairs is perfect!  Thanks for doing them for me. 

Hi Laurie:
My wife and I are really impressed, not only at the super caning repair on our antique rocking chair but also in regards to the speed at which you completed everything.
I promise to oil the wicker twice a year and probably at time-change intervals. Only problem is that, under those circumstances, it might outlast us in longevity, meaning less business for you, so will be certain to pass your name to our daughter for future uses thereof.
Once again, many thanx!

Pressed in Cane Chair Seat

Hand Cane Chair Seat

John's Hand Caned Rocker

Hand Cane Rocking Chair

Pre-Woven Dining Room Chair

Pre-Woven Cane Chair Seat

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